Manticore magic-a meandering ramble through my pagan practice

What pagan paradigm do I work with is a question I’ve been asked many times in my life, and I’m never quite sure how to answer.

Eclectic, neopagan, animist, hedgewitch, void walker, shamanistic spirit worker, magic user, skin priest-these are all terms that I’ve used to describe myself, but none of them fit me comfortably. As soon as I find one that feels comfortable, I quickly grow out of it. Telling people I primarily work with animal spirits is usually enough for casual introductions, but it’s not enough for me. I want more, ever hungry, ever curious, ever expanding my world.

I have neither a solid historical pagan tradition backing me up, nor a cultural one. Pop culture provides my mythical epics, video games my warrior heroes, books my spiritual insight. I’m a product of the cultures I grew up in, here in Melbourne Australia, and continue to participate in.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to piece together a coherent enough framework that can be used as the basis of a new pagan spiritual paradigm.

At the very least, this will be my record. This is my path, the one I carve out for myself, making my own truth.


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