My name is Dorian Ellis, I’m an Australian artist working online under the alias ‘Apocastasis Manticore’.

This blog is documentation of my journey learning and exploring my pagan practice. I have a keen interest in pop culture, video games, costuming and shapeshifter magic.

I occasionally teach Vulture Culture/introduction to taxidermy and animal magic classes and I’ve been operating White Manticore since 2009, attending local conventions, market stalls, events and selling online. White Manticore provides a range of ethically sourced taxidermy, shamanic pagan and witchcraft related services, as well as costume resources and my own artwork.

I founded the Sovereigns of the Golden Path in 2017 as a space for Othered and queer people to explore story, spirituality and authenticity free from the binarism and heteronormativity found in many modern pagan traditions.


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