The state of the suncult
Status update.

A Samhain ritual for the SGP
A Samhain dumb supper rite.

A witch in the house of god

I went to a Catholic funeral today and witnessed people taking communion for the first time.

SGP Ritual for the Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse
Ritual for a special cosmic event.

SGP Glossary of terms/quick reference guide
Quick guide to suncult jargon.

Official unofficial SGP recommended reading list
A list of resources

What is the SGP and why did it start?

This isn’t really about marriage equality
Australia finally voted yes for marriage equality

Beltane musings on the Green Death
For every life, there must be a death.

Sovereigns of the Golden Path
or, how I learned to stop worrying and start my own cult.

Medusa’s legacy
Know your Gorgons. 

The Sun Muscled Manticore
Parental love, chaos magic, and a reason to run.

Sacrifices and Sympathetic Magic
On using wax effigies as substitutes for animal sacrifice. 

Devotional cooking: Koresh Fesenjan for Hekate
Recipe for a pomegranite-infused New Moon ritual meal.

Medieval suicide baiting-East Anglians had no chill
Historical meaning behind the symbol of a willow stake crossed with hemp.

Putting out fires with gasoline
Fire, like anger, is a tool.

My inner light is a government building on fire
How the machineries of Western capitalism gaslight you into being unhappy and dead inside, featuring Facebook as a pillar of the a xenophobic genocidal hegemony.

Book review-Apocalyptic Planet by Craig Childs

Embarrassment and the urban panopticon
It’s hard to be your witchy self when you’re always being watched.

I love the sea.
A love letter.

Necromancy and the Queens of Death
Death is a heady subject among pagans. It’s large. It’s divisive. It’s inevitable.
As a necromancer, how do I approach death, my own mortality and that of my loved ones?

Preventing the anthropocene apocalypse: A matter of framing
I’m very invested in the well being of this planet.

I’m scared of zombies because I’m queer
Small bands of survivors huddle together in a hostile, resource scarce world against an unending hoard wishing them death. Am I describing my friends on a Saturday night, or The Walking Dead?

ALL THE IMPS. Lessons learned from Black Phoenix Alchemy lab
An adventure in trying to find a perfume that smells like actual literal dirt.

Sailing on Melbourne’s tall ship, Enterprize
Sailing aboard the historic two-mast schooner across Port Phillip Bay.

Dragon’s blood ink: The search for a recipe that actually works
Unsurprisingly, making Dragon’s blood ink is not as straightforward as all the online tutorials with the same copypasted (mis)information make it seem.
Includes a personally tested recipe.

The surprising truth about counterfeit Dragon’s blood
The truth is you haven’t been buying Dracaena draco, and the surprise is; that’s a good thing.

Blood Magic
An empirical study of the use of human blood as ritual ink.

The Animist Apocalypse-Mad Max and the importance of environmentalism
A love letter/animist interpretation to the apocalyptic wasteland trope.

Kuda Lumping; intense trance, dance, ritual and spirit possession
A review of the Indonesian Kuda Lumping ecstatic trance/possession ritual performed at Supersense Festival, Melbourne 2015.

Totems, tutelaries and the animal messengers of the gods
An alternative way of viewing the concept of animal totems, without the cultural appropriation.

A return
UPG. An encounter with Lilith. 

Altered states, and defenestrating Cartesian dualism
Unexpected liminal spaces, and finding magic in everyday life.

Why I don’t work with dead babies
A frank discussion of why I won’t perform necromancy magic or taxidermy on the bodies of very young animals. 

On trusting yourself-featuring Fox and Coyote
On self-doubt and trusting one’s experiences. 

Manticore magic-a meandering ramble through my pagan practice